Posted by: Juliann Budimir | January 9, 2017

The Expanse


A mystic in your eyes it seems
A tower rises in my dreams
How do we traverse the sea of meaning,
Of knowing how to please?


The way is coarse and stretched out wide
Without your inspiration to provide
The smiles of a pleasure path
Or its effervescent aftermath.
Days made heavy by the truth
Seek to find our long lost youth.


I see the salt white upon the plain
I feel the lost detritus of your pain
Are the memories that form in my mind
The only things, remains I’ll find?


The carnal carnage of our days
Left scattered by our crazy play
Sings songs unsung until the end.
When did love portend
The vacancy of loneliness
Filled by his holiness?


Never did we say it would be better that way
Only rhymes breathe life to dreams at night
But then the words stopped and so did the game
What tenderness we shared was lost on the plain
Cast off by the sun, never to be seen again.


Juliann Budimir,
January 2, 2017



Juliann Budimir, 2017.  All rights reserved.


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