Posted by: Juliann Budimir | January 18, 2017

Fifty Red and Blue

We dreamed in fifty red and blue, and we were blue
Our goals were high but harder than we knew
To achieve from the harsh office glare,
To convince all the red that for us she was there.
When hot summer days turned to cool autumn nights,
We figured supporters would make things alright.
Together, we would continue the hope
Of a President and a place called Hope.

We dreamed in fiftyfold and 300 million strong
We had waited so long – What could possibly go wrong?
After forty-four men, it would now be our turn
A woman in the White House, one to discern
The endless, complex, and complicated pain
Of a world with a dissonant refrain
We would embrace the triumph of a sane victory
We would shun the oppression of autocracy

From Wellesley and Yale her gifts were innate
With a career that led to Secretary of State.
She triumphed for women and children, her cause
With or without fanfare and applause.
No matter the fate that her campaign received
She inspired us always to fiercely achieve
In the face of our unbearable ache
She rallied us all to never forsake
The eternal flame of our democratic ideals
We knew in our souls was undeniably real

The road to victory was our walk down the aisle
The first time in history we would represent the smile
Spreading out from east to west rising with the sun
We thought our work was done
As we settled into joy, every single resident,
At the thought of Madame President.

She danced there before on Inauguration night
Half of the pair that would set the nation right
But now was her time to take up the oath
Many were glad to be having them both
The ceiling had spoken, we broke through the cracks
Her legacy achieved since that dance to Fleetwood Mac.
Her vows and Bible ready for that January day
She shared our dreams of a historic Inauguration Day
With fifty states emblazoned on her dress
To represent the cares she would address

But the hope that spread out from her view of the Mall
Was blocked by the madman who wanted the wall
And Lincoln’s calm gaze, so steadfast and true
Stared back at the man who preferred his own view
Aloft from the tower he gilded with gold
That looked down on the people he discarded like mold

Our country, our people, our lives were at stake!
With a man who had said our election was fake
Assuming his place as the world’s greatest power
We longed for him to return to his tower
And for the Electoral College to cast
Their votes that reflected the popular task
Of installing a woman so keenly aware
Of the hacks and intent of a sick Russian bear

Our spirits were bludgeoned; we were torn apart
We all longed to mend the tear in our hearts.
Together we tried, tried, to dream in fiftyfold
And 300 million strong; the truth needs to be told.
We say to a man unfit to be POTUS
The most we will do is to call you our FAUXTUS

We will expose your incompetence, your prejudices, and your lies
Not accept the swath of your pen and all it belies.
With your harsh signature you threaten so much
We will not disappear under your frightening touch.
We will call from all fifty, from the red and the blue
To note the avarice, the pride and illegal things you do.

For it is never too late for dreamers who dare
To take back their country for those who will share
The ethics and righteous resolve to conspire
To uphold the United States before it expires!

Juliann Budimir, 2017.  All rights reserved.




  1. I will share on FB, this fine poem tomorrow evening. Tonight belongs to the Obama’s’. Thx for this.


    • Thank you for posting my poem. I hope that “Fifty Red and Blue” resonates at this time.


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