Posted by: Juliann Budimir | May 13, 2017

Bird on the Writer – Musings Inspired by Leonard Cohen

Inspiration comes in many forms, often from the spark of a charming muse.  Leonard Cohen is a very special muse for me.  Have you ever been inspired to write poetry or prose because of a Leonard Cohen song or picture?  If so, you might enjoy the Facebook group, Bird on the Writer – Musings Inspired by Leonard Cohen.  This is a group for positive souls and a place to share our poetry, prose, and musings that are inspired by Leonard Cohen.

The sound of words echoing on a page
Have I reached my Golden Age?
Reverberations of an unfinished truth
Fill me like a whispering youth
I am refreshed by the thought of your flesh
The poetry of your desire
The songs it inspires
Like lost memories
Dazzling vagrancies
Inspired by a man I never knew.

Yet, in your Hallelujah, I felt I knew you
Filling my mind with music and rhyme
It took your death to rediscover my poetry
Your fire sets me free.

Juliann Budimir, 2017.  All rights reserved.



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