Posted by: Juliann Budimir | March 12, 2018

The Ascent

You’re the only man whose touch

Sings my words in rhyme

When poems form our love is born

The ascent is worth the climb


In vacillating dreams we see

Lost shadows in the sun

That soon congeal as hearts reveal

Thoughts we can’t outrun


It is the beat of drums, once far,

That pound and palpitate the flesh

When wounded memories recede, we are refreshed

As we inhale the gilded hope of stars


Together we encircle bygone days

Like vultures picking at their past

Sacrificing agonies in a bitter repast

Before we embark in the softly fading light upon our way


The steady beating from within propels us on

As we heed the journey’s endless call

The tactile joys, the tender touches all recall

The smiles and the looks I’ll greet anon


Till then your grasp is firm and one I can’t resist

With hands that pull me towards your beating drum

I hear intoxicating tunes of wit and rum

As arms envelop me and herald lips that kiss


When to the world will we dance as one

And awaken to the warmth of the summer sun

With drumming hearts in unison guiding to the light

Before the coda ends and ebbs into the night?



Juliann Budimir, March 11, 2018. All rights reserved.






  1. This is nice.


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